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I would like to activate VAT base No. 85 according to custom basis forms. What kind of path do I have to follow?

As is known, the sales invoices issued by GSM operators to their dealers regarding top-up card sales are implemented within the scope of VAT communiqué No. 85.

In addition to the VAT calculated on its sales base, the GSM company must also calculate the VAT that hits the dealer's profit and declare it on the invoice and on the VAT declaration.

More clearly, the distributor sells the A product for $10.00. The dealer who buys the product from the distributor sells the A product to the end user for $13.00.

The dealer does not pay any VAT for the $13,00 product he sells here. VAT payment is calculated over the profit between the sales price of the distributor and the sales price of the dealer.

Let us explain the working structure of the calculation system by applying the necessary actions on our program;


First of all, we go to the Admin => Definitions => General Settings field in the program.


In this field, you should select the 'Use Communication Value Added Tax Law' option

from the invoice settings field.


Then we write SALES PRICE-1  to the distributor company and the sales price to the end user in SALES PRICE-3 on the stock card.


    We are marking the option "Subject To Communication Value Added Tax Law" on the Stock card.

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