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How can I activate and use assortment system on Pre Accounting program?


Assortment system enables sub-stocks to be tracked over the main stock on invoices, delivery note, offer, order etc. modules in textile sector or in companies that follow inventory by entering product with variant (A color of X stock, size 01, brand B, so on...). In other words, the main stock is selected and related sub-stocks' sales or purchase transaction records are made in mentioned modules to directly affect the balance of the sub-stocks of the main stock.



The system is used in your stocks which have more than one brand, model, color and size. Let us explain in detail how the operations are performed;


First of all, let's save the brand, model, color and size definitions. You can do this from the definitions field in the stock module field.


Then we need to define the main stock. To do this, move onto the stock card definition field. Here, we will write the name of the stock we will use as the main stock. For example, if we for the stock shirt, let's write shirt as the name of main stock and save. You do not need to specify any brand or model on the main stock card. The system will automatically select this process when opening a substock.


Then select the ''main stock'' and ''use assortment system'' options and complete the stock record.


After saving the stock card, click on the sub stock button above.



Click on the ''create color size'' button at the bottom.


You will see size group selection. Select the groups you want to create sub-stocks here and click the OK button.


You will see the color size creation area. After making the brand and model selection, mark the sub-stocks you want to create and click the transfer button.


Substock information that will generated in the sub-stock transactions table will be displayed. Click on Create Substocks button. Substocks will be formed.

You can use the assortment system after creating substocks. Let us explain this process with an example;

We select the main stock in the area where you will sell on the invoice. An assortment entry window will appear.

Here, the amount of substocks that you have sold depending on the color and size and click the OK button.

Based on the same example, only the shirt stock will come on the bill and the amount will be 7 as shown in the picture. However, when you look at the stock inventory, you can see that it has fallen from red-36 size (1 piece), red-42 size (3 pieces), blue-38 size (1 piece) and blue-40 size (2 pieces). In order to see the total number of the main stock in the stock inventory, you must select the main stock option in the filtering criteria.

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