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Information About Offline Working System in AKINSOFT ERP program

1.1Supported Modules

Offline Working System is supported by WOLVOX ERP, WOLVOX Restaurant and WOLVOX Barcode Sales. Modules supported inside the WOLVOX ERP is as :

Client, Cash, Stock, Serial No, Warehouse, Cheque/Voucher, Invoice, Delivery Note, Proposal, Order, Bank, Forex, Analysis, Admin, SMS, Notes, Help. Offline Working System requires license by itself and you need to purchase "Offline" license to be able to use it.


Offline working system is a module where all users except local user can perform their data entries without needing an internet connection and make data transfer through an internet connection between specified dates. The advantage of offline system is performance is higher than online systems because system will work on local area network.

Considering the picture above, control panel will be installed separately to branch1, branch2 and each of the salesperson. While performing this operation, Users of branch1 as Adam, Micheal and Anna can connect to the control panel of branch1, and users of branch2 as Fiona, Olga and Carl can connect to the control panel of branch2 with their usernames and passwords. Installed control panels must be set up to work in offline mode. Brances can make data entry through their local systems after they receive data. And after completing data entries, it is allowed to collect datas all together in a single server by performing data sending by sending records they made at their branches. If we consider the picture above, counter definitions must be made separately for the modules that are going to be used for each branch and salesperson. (It is not obligated to make counter definition in user base. Each conrol panel that is going to use program offline should make counter definition. So, counter definitions must be made for Branch-1, Branch-2 and Salesperson. And it is not needed to define separate counter for the users; Adam, Micheal, Anna, Fiona, Olga and Carl.) For the counter definitionsi yy considering picture above you can use the example below.



1.2 Installation of Offline System and Data Transfer Operations

To be able to use Offline System you need to install Control Panel also to the computer that you are going to use program offline. Different from normal installations you need to mark "Use in Offline Mode" option located at admin section of control panel.


If this option is marked, offline section will be active in Control Panel.


You need to mark "Allow to use offline mode for this company" option for the companies in your server program that you want to use offline.

You need to make user record in the server for the users that are going to use offline system and give them authorization." You can make user authorization at authorization section located under the "Offline" header. After making neccesary settings for using the offline system, you need to perform data receiving operation. Thus, client, stock, warehouse, serial-no, cash and bank indormations located at the server computer will be transferred as also depending to the user information. All the authorities of the system user must be assigned at server computer and after data receiving operation, program makes autority check depending the username and the password that computer turned on. After the data transmitting operation, offline system user can perform data sending operation any time period they want (by providing internet connection) after making the data entries. To receive and send the data, go to "Send/Receive Data", which is going to pop-up when you click to the "Offline" section located at client control panel. At the opened window, Enter Host IP to the "Host" field. If you are connecting from another network except loca network, you need to write Static IP number. Enter the working port of the database you want to work to the "Port" area. Namely, you need to write same number with the port of the control panel you want to work with. Write the username and the password of the user you want to work with. Namely enter the user information that you have saved in host for the new branch. By clicking to the "Connect" button establish connection between offline system and control panel at the server computer. After connection will be established "Receive Data" option will be activated. To complete the data transmission operation you can start the transmission operation by clicking te "Receive Data" button. Once data receiving is completed you can understand when "Operation Completed" message will pop-up.



Notice : All online connected user programs must be switched of during the data sending and receiving operation. Otherwise program will give warning message and will not proceed.

Use of Offline System

After the data import process, when you open your WOLVOX ERP program, you will see modules where you can use the offline system.

Due to the working structure of the offline system, there are some restrictions different from the WOLVOX ERP program. For example, you cannot edit the client, stock, cash and bank records registered from the server after you have done the data receiving process. If we consider that more than one user is active in the offline system, it will be possible for other users to make adjustments to these modules and cause data loss. However, users can open new client, stock, safe and bank records if they need it. They can enter data into the opened records. Due to the way the program works, it stores the data after the data receiving process until the data sending process is done. When you send data, all the data you saved is transferred to the server, but it is also saved in the offline running program. After the data transfer, it does not allow any intervention to the recorded data in the offline system. The data remains stored in the program until you receive the data again, and when you receive the data, it completely disappears from the database. In the data receiving process, only the balance information of your clients and stocks on the server computer is transferred to the offline user. You cannot transmit any movement.


In systems that are integrated with the general accounting program, you cannot enter the account code into the new records such as client, stock, cash, bank. For this reason, new registration entries must be made before receiving data from the server. If the general account code is specified in modules such as client, stock, cash, bank transferred from the server, the program allows data entry. General Accounting integrations will occur after the data sending process is complete.

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