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Wolvox ERP Formula Definitions

By creating formula definitions on WOLVOX ERP, you can make volume calculations about your stock through the formulas you have created. You can use on invoice the calculations you have made, while creating packing list.


Lets make an example for the calculation of product volume by demonstrating it.


First operation we need to do is to create necessary custom area definitions at "Custom Definitions" tab in stock card, to be able to make volume calculation. And while creating a definition we need to be carefull that type of the custom are we recorded is decimal type.

After the custom area definiton process in the stock card, go to "Formula Definitions" located at "Admin" module. Write the name of the formula to the "Name" field. Then go to Formula field and write the formula you will create.

Forexample : If you want to get the multiplication of width1 and width2 of custom areas, add multiplication operator between the data names of the custom tables you have created


Note : To see the names of the tables of custom area definitions you have created open the stock cards and you can check the name field of custom area you have added. Custom are definitions goes as CUSTOMAREADEFINITION_1, CUSTOMAREADEFINITION_2.


The example formula definition you see above is the type of formula called VOLUME. You can create all kinds of formula definitions you need considering this example as reference.


If you want to use operators as mod and square root, when mouse inside the "Formula" box, press shift + space combination to see the formulas we want to use for related datas. To check the accuracy of the formula definition click "run" button next to it. Enter example values to the "Values" area. "Formula Result" located below will give you the output of the calculation. After validating the formula you can save it by clicking to 'Save' button.


After the Formula Definition operation re-open the stock card. Go to "Unit Definitions" tab located inside the card. From the "Volume Calculation Section" make the formula definitiion that you want to use in stock card. Enter the necessary areas to the custom area definitions. According to example above, height, width1 and width2 information needed to be entered to the stock card.


After completing this operations, create an invoice that contains the stock with the neccesary settings you have made, we are going to the "Packing List" section from Operations area. When you click to the "Create Packing List Automatically" button, volume value will appear at "Total Volume" that is calculated with the datas written in stock card and formula descriptions.

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