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WOLVOX Hotel - Pre-Accounting - Account Integration

  • Created 26.06.2010
  • Update 01.03.2021
  • Category WOLVOX Hotel

     Your customers who have been saved in WOLVOX Hotel program also will create the account record automatically in WOLVOX Pre-Accounting program. However, this process is made by after your customer departing from the hotel or receiving cash payment from your customer. So, when the first time you save your customer that has not been opened as account. To understand the hotel customer for this one, it is written OM letters the beginning of the account card. In this way, you can use OM code to distinguish your hotel customers.The room, food, beverage and other folios costs which have been made in WOLVOX Hotel program before that will be recorded as invoice to the pre-accounting program in case your customers check out from the hotel. Finally, all you have done your transactions in WOLVOX Hotel Program are reflected in the Pre-Accounting program about reports and cashboxes.

Apart from these, to match the account, the "WOLVOX Account – Hotel Customer Matching" area is found in hotel program located under general settings. From here, by selecting hotel customer table and account table you will prevent re-importing your accounts which recorded in WOLVOX Pre-Accounting program. That is to say, if you make a match on that surname will have been matched the same surname that belongs to your customer departing from hotel program where pre-accounting program and that way you will prevent recording as same account.

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