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Add Category From E-Commerce Panel

To add products to your website without integration, first you must enter category and brand. In this article we will talk about add category field.

Go to Products => Categories and click on Add New to open the category page.




1-Main Category: If you are going to add a subcategory, you must select a main category first. For instance, if you add trousers category under Clothing category, you must select Clothing as the main category.

2-Category Name: The name of the category you will create.

3- Category No: The field that specifies the number that indicates the order in which the category is listed.

4- Status: You can set the categories as active or deactive. If you select 'deactive', the category will not be published.

5-Display: You can set the category you will create as B2B or B2C or both.

6-Show on Upper Menu: You must check this field to show the category on banner field as well as on the category list.

7-Installment Limitation: The field to set category based installment limitations.

8-Category Icon: You can add icons to the category.

9-Size Table: For the businesses in the clothing sector, size table can be added by category.

10-Category Image: You can add image to your categories and subcategories. Images can vary depending on the theme.

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