CODE: A2887

WOLVOX ERP 8.14.01

                Version Update 
                  AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP
                  Version : 8.14.01


Finance Management

1-) A button has added in Balances List for the quick reach to Transaction Report in Detail
2-) "Send SMS" option has added to Periodic Transaction Report
3-)GSM Filter option has fixed in General Search at Quick Client Search

4-) Custom Field Filter tab has added to Client Custom Report
5-) Route group filter criteria has added to client transaction report
6-) Provided  to seen guarantor info at grid areas in Cheque/Vocucher Report

7-) "Send SMS" Option has added in Balances List for defined authorized person in client card  
8-) Transaction cost has specified  for bank transaction at mass Client payment form
9-) Receipt no can be entered in  Mass Client Transaction and Mass Client Collection
10-) Registration date field has added to  Import Client from Excel Screen ( Date format must be like 13.03.19 or 13.03.2019) 
11-)Provided to search by Salesperson in Transaction Report in Detail form

Stock Management 

1-) Change date column has added for purchase prices in Price tab at Stock definition
2-)  Now stocks can be filter with the price change date at Stock definition serial label screen
3-) Provided to filter by stock custom field at Warehouse Inventory report
4-) Registration control has added for the same barcode number registration at Quick stock definition
5-) Domestic Production field has added at Stock Definition List > Operations > Update Info screen

6-) It is provided to delete forex symbol if " Use Forex" not selected in general info at Stock definition
7-) Stock additional barcode can readable at Mass stock transaction screen
8-) Stock Images can write to Warehouse Inventory (With Unit) design screen.
9-)It is provided to shown "Listed Record Number" at "Labels to print" screen in Stock Definition Serial Label screen
10-)It is provided to print and shown package image at package definition and package definition list(Serial Label) screen
11-) Profit / loss rate can be seen according to  purchase and sales price  in Quick stock definition

12-)Color definition character size has increased at Color definition.

13-)Added the setting for positioning to the Stock code, Barcode and stock name fields, depending on the cursor at quick stock definition
14-) It is provided to create shortcut  for the quickly add printed stocks to the print partition at Stock label print process
15-) Package definition can be copy
16-) It is Provided to reporting with the service groups at Service Analysis(Monthly) report
17-) It is provided to automatically filter when open the transaction report at the stock definition
18-) It is Provided to transfer other units  to excel with the "Export to excel in Format (Detailed)" option at Stock Inventory (With Unit) Report
19-) VAT Excluded/Included option has added to filter criteria  at Service Analysis(Monthly) Report
20-)  Print button has added to Not processed stock report.
21-) Insert Row button has added to Package definition.
22-) Basis weight barcodes now  readable at Mass stock transaction screen 

Purchase / Sales Management 

1-) Print option has added to Shipping Planning screen
2-) It is provided to enter discount stock's price at promotion definition area
3-) Route group field type has been changed with the Multiple selection at Order delivery Report
4-) It is provided to seen  Additional Info 1 and Additional Info 2 column if you entered in Invoice record at the Client and Invoice Based Profit/Loss Report grid areas
5-)  Reset ''Invoiced'' status option has added to Invoice copy transactions
6-) Expense name column can be search and select with the F10 Function key at the Mass Expense Invoice screen
7-) Production planning status and Production Code has added to Order delivery report. (For the Simple Production)
8-) Profit margin can transfer to  all stocks at Create Sales price window in the Purchase Invoice
9-) It is provided to create Purchase request for "Stock Based" or "Order Based"  at the Received Order record.  (For this process click to "Operation" button and select "Order Request List"  option.  After that  can be create "Purchase Request Record")
10-) Can filterable with the defined custom fields in the Offer transaction area in the Offer Report (Transactional)
11-) Alternative stocks can be visible at  Invoice ---> Offer ---> Order ---> Delivery Note screen.
12-)it is provided to shown warehouse names in the grid areas when filtered  warehouse names  at Order delivery report
13-)Additional cost's can distributable according to stocks in transactions  at Purchase Invoice
14-) It is provided to get warning  if there is  same Invoice number and same client  while recording at Purchase  Invoice
15-) It is provided to creat shipping planning with the recorded invoices 
16-) It is provided to create Custom field definition at the shipping planing form

17-) It is provided to report at shipping planning list with the custom field definitions created at Shipping planning form  
18-)It is provided to print shipping planning form
19-) It is provided to  stocks balances total at the stock totals in the Order delivery report
20-) It is provided to filter according to  closed invoice information at the Invoice VAT Analyses
21-) it is provided to filter according to client authorised person at the Order report
22-)It is provided to get warning when saving with the same receipt no at the expense invoice (It will work when client selected)
23-) Shipment Address field  has added to filter criteria at Invoice Report (Transactional)
24-) It is provided to select automatically at order record with new recorded client in quick client search at Order record screen 
25-) It is provided to seen  service last sales information in invoice record 
26-) Partially delivery option has added to transfer delivery note
27-) It is provided to get rack no, place no information  in the stock card at Order delivery report printing form 
28-)Price difference option has added to Invoice type filtreation criteria in Invoice VAT Analyses
29-) "Use Petroleum System" and "Use Wholesaler System" options has added to Delivery settings in Custom Settings.
30-)  It is provided to If  the "Associate the client transaction integration with the invoice during invoicing of the delivery" option was selected, when by deleted the Invoice of delivery note client transaction related delivery note  will shown at  Client "Transaction Report"     at General Settings  > Invoice  Constants  area 

Production Management

1-) Production code limit has increased. (Character Limit : 20)
2-) Stock code field has added to MRP II  Cost report 
3-)  It is provided to constant Transaction fields height at  Outgoing Outsource Report and Incoming Outsource Report
4-) It is provided to show "Staff" area at the grid area

5-) It is provided to enter constant waste at Simple production

Service Management

1-) Import Data from Excel option has added for     transfer service ticket from excel at the Service Ticket --> Operations ---> Import Data from Excel
2-) It is provided to sending sms to authorities defined in client card from Service Maintenance Contract

3-) It is provided to sending sms to authorities defined in client card from Service Appointment Record

Other Transaction

1-) It is provided to specify stock codes of new stocks  when matchup  barcode codes at Import stock from excel screen

2-) "AKINSOFT Data Bank" redirect button has added.

3-) It is provided to comes without selection Data Type field at Custom Definition
4-) It is provided to  imperative select  custom fields created in  Invoice transaction area  at the Required Fields 
5-) Price change  permission has been configured in the shape of  "Enable To Change Buying Prices" and  "Enable To Change Sales Prices"
6-)Sorting Service transaction option has added  to Custom Settings -->Service Settings tab
7-)Process Into Stock/Client Transactions permission has been configured in the shape of "Able To Change The Option "Process Into Stock Transactions" And "Able To Change The Option "Process Into Client Transactions"
8-)It is provided to create QR Code transferring info more than one at the used QR Code in Desing file
9-)It is provided to seen Custom settings  with the user based
10-) Maximum Number Of Tries has added for unsent mails at Mail/SMS List
11-) Admin panel has added.

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