CODE: A2886

WOLVOX ERP 8.13.01

                    Version Update
                         AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP
                    Version : 8.13.01


Finance Management

1- General Settings --> Client Settings ---> at 2 tap  "Alert in credit excess"  has been added.
2- "Cancel" Option  has been added. At Transfer Between Cash Accounts form.
3- Bank name can be filter now at the Credit Report
4- All grid areas, provided  "Selected Print", "Table edit", "Edit Table Position" and "Full screen" option now  at End of day Report 2
5- Client's name and surname can be visible in grid areas at  Transacted Clients from End of day report 2
6- Can be servis define at servis search form in Expence Invoice


Stock Management
1- Quick Stock Definition - Warehouse name can be select  at  Other processes section.
2- Quick Stock Defition - Received stocks can be move to serial label form, in  Other Processes Section.
3- Place of Production field has been added in stock definition, Custom settings 2 tab.
4- Other unit, Other unit price and  place of production has been added to desing of Stock definition serial label screen
5- Stock barcode field increased up to 100 character
6-Added stocks and row summary can visible at Quick stock definition  other transaction section.
7- Other unit Coefficent can be added to label desing screen.
8- On Stok Definitions Serial Label screen, once the additional barcode of the stock scanned on barcode field in filtering options, it is enabled to derive the unit that belongs to additional barcode automatically selected when transferring to stock label field.
9- If the barcode is defined before encounter with the attention at stock definition


Purchase / Sales Management
1- Price difference invoice has added to Invoice Type at the Sales Invoice (Price difference transaction can be select at the Invoice transaction section in the field )
2- External module and External module Number  criteria field has added  in the  Invoice report.
3-  Used report with the same name has changed according to module. Can open multiply scrren  with the CTRL function key.
4- Connections criteria has added to Intervals tab in Invoice Report.
5- Phone number and GSM number field has added to  Offer reports
6-   Stocks balance info (Usable Quantitiy and remaining amout) located to subtotals can added form desing at Order Printing
7- Ending amount can't write  less than starting amount  at Document Approval Definitions
8- Transaction quantity can write multiplied with quantity and barcode  in Barcode / Serial Lot field at Order Accounting screen
9- According to quick stock define or stock define when  there is no stock at the transactions are in Invoice,Delivery note etc.
10- Delivery date has added  in Order Info tab at Client based Order report
11- Has added Active or passive filtering criteria  "package" adding transactions in Invoice,Delivery note etc.
12- Module name has shown at  "External Module Info" area at the invoice desing form
Production Management
1- Stock barcode  filter criteria has added to  Production tracking report(Normal),Recipe Search,Create New Production(Normal) and Production planning list  at Simple Production


Other Updates

1- Script  option has added can be used at all forms. (You can code as you wish) Example: can set default Country 'England' with the code  in the stock definition
                                       Note :This operation can affect your database, must code with an Expert
2-  MRP II Production Recipes status can select optional and transfer in Turnover transactions.

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