CODE: A2853

WOLVOX ERP 8.12.01

Version Update


Version : 8.12.01



Finance Management


1- By specifying the date criterion, marketers were able to define the target amount in foreign currency.


Stock Management



1- In the "Price Increasing" section, "Rate" information can be entered up to 4 digits after the comma. At the Price Change / Price List report.


2- it is provided to be select all prices at the Price Change/ Price List 


3-With the 'Print label' button, you can transfer directly to the inventory card.


4- it was allowed to make a stock definition by reading the QR code. General Settings > Stock Settings > General tab settings can be started by making the settings in the QR code.


5- 'Stock Inventory' button has been added to display stock inventory report of stocks with Alternative on stock card.


6-  The transaction time can be entered when the count is processed in the stock movements. In the Stock Count Editing screen


Purchase/Sales Management


1-  Filtration with Client group has been added in the Invoice VAT Analysis report


2- Accounting integration has been added in the Invoice VAT Analysis report


3- The use of foreign currency in the client card to receive a warning with forex in expense invoice.


4- Order transaction sequence number field added. In sorting fields at the Order delivery report.


5- Electronic scale barcoded stocks can be read. on the shipping planning screen


Product Management



1- If the process is completed manually, the production time is written to the production follow-up report. At the  Produce Negative Stocks Automatically screen


2-  It is provided with the user can be change recipe list field height  at the Production Commands Report


3- Products completed according to operations were automatically brought to the stock integration the MRP II Production Stock Integration






1- The Activity Report design was enabled to add custom fields defined in the activity record.


2- Activity Record design was provided to add custom fields defined in activity record.


Other Transactions



1-  Delivery note and order risk was added in the settings at create automatic credit limit field (the amendment will be valid for the new ones clients) 


2- Received, given order and bid '' Document confirmation operations added ''. (Document confirmation needs to be made.)


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