CODE: A2852

WOLVOX ERP 8.11.01

Version Update
Version : 8.11.01

Finance Management



1-Custom code field has been added to the transaction while payment is received in installment operations.





2- Client registration date filter option has been added and can be added from Custom section. in client transaction report.








3- It was provided to search according to client keywords. at List of Client Authorities





4- The transaction fee area has been added for payment from bank to the credit card payment screen





5- Custom Code was added to Client Operation Type Report.





Stock Management



1-Provided to add the barcode with scan a barcode to the "Labels to print" section of the stocks in "Stock Definition Serial Label"





2-Clicking on the "Clear" button in the "Quick stock definition" window allows you to adjust the areas to be cleaned.





3- It can be provided to add mass stock transaction to warehouse inventory.





4- Provided to the cursor is positioned on stock name when the Quick Stock definition is opened.




5-'' Show out of stock limits records '' option has been added to Warehouse Inventory.





6- Calculation of quantity is provided when the basic quantity is entered in Mass Stock Transaction Entry





7- Mass barcode can be given to product without barcode
Findable in Stock Definitions List, Operations area





8- Can be made Serial/Lot Input and Output transaction on the stock card





9- In the Stock Blocked / Deadline Report section, the 'Open Record' button has been added to open the corresponding action.





10 - Stock barcode,Brand and model info was added in the Warehouse Transfer Report





11- Serial/Lot Input Transaction and Serial/Lot Output Transaction buttons have been added in stock cards for the stocks which have track type serial/lot





12- In Price Change / Price List, Price update, the digit accuarry in the sales price creation section is enabled to work depending on the general settings.





13- In Stock Transaction Analysis (Monthly) Report, returns were reduced from sales.





14- Filter area was added in Color Definitions.



Purchase / Sales Management



1 - "Set Due" button was added for calculate due date in the Order section at the due date.





2- Supply area can be configure with the authority in the "Purchase Request List"





3- "VAT Rate" area now visible in the Last Purchase/Sales Price at the Invoice screen





4- Provided to receive report as for as salesperson in Client and Invoice Based Profit/Loss Report





5- Profit / Loss was added at operations section in the Delivery Note





6- Custom Code can be transfered to Domestic given Order in the Purchase request screen





7- Barcode was added at Serial/Lot Processes area in the Domestic sales invoice





8- Purchase or sales prices can be mass transfered in the Price Definition screen





9- Added the option to update exchange rates in areas where currency is transferred(invoice,Order etc.)





10 - User-based authorization has been enabled for "undo the last transaction" button, located at the delivery note information tab on the delivery note that is arrived at the branch.





11- In the filtering section of the route group definition screen can be get automatic listing of customers with which the selected marketer was identified.





12-In the Domestic Received Offer, authorized selection screen, the mailing addresses of the authorities are displayed.





13- Currency and forex prices was added in the grid areas on Order Delivery Report





14- It was provided to getting report according to stocks color/body info in stock definition list





15- The copy of the Domestic given offer record to the order and the offer was linked to the authorization.





16- The Client registered in the invoice is registered as an automatic invoice's client.





17-If there is a promotion defined for the stock, can sold under price of purchase price and the sales price control window will not be opened.





18-It is provided to promotion info visible before saving invoice in the invoice forms





19 - Filtration options are can be select as default at the Offer,Order report etc. areas




Product Management



1- "Produce Negative Stocks Automatically" transaction was included in the stocks blocked in the order.





2- If the production is made from the order, the field where the order number can be written is added to the recipe to link the order. 'Additional Info 1' field in the simple production recipe




3- Work Order design, custom fields defined in the recipe list field can be brought.



Service Management



1- Service Ticket, the number of characters was increased at Supervisor Comment field and Malfunction Reported By Customer field in the malpfunction section.





2- Outsourcing Service and marketer fields depending on authority at the service ticket screen.





3- The button for to the link has been added at the Accounting Info section On the service ticket, ticket info tab.






1-Customer relations management, client cards, Filtering section, "General Search" field is now kept in memory.




Other Transactions



1- User-defined custom fields within the program have been colorized according to request.





2- It is provided If user status is disabled, it is not listed in user selections in reports.





3- Edits have been made to use the print options at the report designs in multi-line text fields


4- It is provided determining on default criteria at the reports





5- Counter definitions are created for the Client Definitions - Accounting Info - Purchase code
For the definition: Admin - Counter Transactions - Counter Definitions





6- Increased the number of characters in the "SMS Message Template" section. Used in bulk SMS sending



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