CODE: A2851

WOLVOX ERP 8.09.01

Version Update


Version : 8.09.01



Finance Management


1- CRM Customer list is added, deleted, and list view area in the client definition section



2- "Mobile phone" and "Mail address" fields have been added to List of client Authorities filtering options.



3-The "City" option in the sorting area was added. In the client reports



4- Different account codes can be defined for each registered credit card. In the Bank Definitions.



5- The filtering option according to the marketer was added to the List of Client Authorities form.



6- Send mass sms and e-mail option was added to the List of Client Authorities form.



7- Project and Sales Tracking Report, Customer Profitability Report, Best Selling Products Based On Customers and Customer based dead stock was added in the crm field at the reports tab of the client card,



8- It is now possible to send mail to client authorities at the Transaction Report in Detail



9-The end-of-day report allows the marketer's information to be shown in the invoice details.



Stock Management


1- The "Custom code 1", "Custom code 2" and "Custom code 3" filtering fields was added to the Stock Order List.



2- Lot entry and exit transactions can be recorded as a decimal number In the quantity field (For example, 0.65 grams)



3- The "Custom Code" field in the invoice transaction section enables the filtering of Stock Based Invoice Report.



4-Added the "Active" field to show the active / inactive status in the stock repository section on the Stock Search Screen.



5- Data Bank article was added to explain the still stock difference in 5-Not Processed Stock filtering options. Question mark button was added on the report to provide fast access to the market.



6-Stock Profit / Loss Report is provided with the use of VAT rates (Expression can be processed).



7-Added "Stock Group", "Sub Group" and "Middle Group" fields to Stock Counting List filtering options.



8-Stock Transaction Analysis (Monthly) filtering options have been added "Include transfer operations" option.



9-Stock Order List has been added to the Sorting Fields section to filter the stock according to the stock code of the supplier.



10-Stock Definition List "Show Remaining Amount" option is selected by default.



Purchase / Sales Management


1-Mass Delivery Note Printing added "Marketer" field to filtering options.



2-The total amount information in the Delivery, Order and Offer registration windows is now displayed in the status bar.



3-Satış faturası işleminde "Use Limited Withholding" seçeneği eklendi. (General Settings -> Invoice Settings - > Sales Invoice -> Use Limited Withholding alanında belirtilecek limit üstündeki KDV dahil tutarlarda, otomatik olarak tevkifat uygulanmaktadır.)



4-Invoicing Delivery Note The "custom code" field in the delivery note has been added to the filtering options.



5-In the transaction line, "Delivery Condition", "Container Type", "Delivery and Payment Information" such as information entered in the fields can be transferred to all transaction lines are provided in bulk.



6- Has been added "Del. Note Type" field to Delivery Report (Transactional) filtering options.



7-Domestic Given Offer added authorization for copying.



8- Explanations added on the stock card have been made available as a motion statement in modules such as Offer, Delivery Note, Invoice and Order.



9- "Products not meeting order quantity" field was added. In Order Delivery Report



10-The "Additional Information 1" and "Additional Information 2" fields have been added to the listing fields in the Offer Report.



11-Invoice VAT Analysis Report Added fields for VAT bases in Listed fields.



12-Invoice VAT Analysis Report added "ID Number", "Tax Number" and "Tax Office" fields to the grid fields.



13-Invoice Stock / Operation Type Report "Invoice No" field was added to the filtering options.



14-Order Report (Transaction) and Invoice Report (Transactional) in terms of transactions in the Listing area "Stock Barcode" field was added.



15- "Stock Overseas Name" field was added in the Order Delivery Report grid area



16 - "Filtering Edit (F7)" feature has been added on Custom filtering option in the Invoicing Delivery Note section



17-Purchase Delivery provided additional costs can be reflected.



18-Authority added to the Control Panel for more delivery in the Delivery Report.



19-Order Report (Transactional) design has been made available to print stock images



20 -"Ctrl + F" shortcut for the product discovery screen was added in the Order Delivery Report



21- CRM module Project and Sales Tracking Assigned "Affiliated Project and Sales Code" to relevant form in "Invoice, Delivery, Offer and Order" transfers.



Production Management


1-Added option for produce negative stocks automatically in Simple Production module. (Admin -> Custom Definitions -> Custom Settings -> Simple Production, the option "Produce Negative Stocks Automatically" must be activated and "Refresh Control Interval" must be specified. Production will be done automatically in the specified interval.)



2- When the production status is changed to at production, it is possible to switch to the New Production (Normal) window with a button in Production Planning (Normal) form.



3- Machine Unit Time Analysis Report, a button was added to open machine definitions in MRP II.



Service Management


1-Added 'Telephone 1' field to Service Maintenance Contract List in listing area.



2-Duty can be selected at the Service Operation Definitions.



3- The "Transfer From Transaction Definition" option has been added to the transfer of the transactions to be performed in the service settings as a service transaction. In the Custom Settings



4- "GSM" field added to the listing section at the service maintenance contract list.



5- Ticket report filtering options "Bill Status" selection in the memory of the selection is provided.



6-Service Maintenance Contract screen allows to select multiple client product information by using CTRL key.



7-Customer Support Record screen has been added to support screen and displayed in customer support report.



8-Added "Support Time" to the Customer Support Report listing area.



9- The "Bill date" field has been added to the Staff Workload Report filtering options.



10-Service Appointment Record screen allows the staff to check previous appointments.



11 - The Client Address information has been added to the customer support record screen and can be printed in the design.



12- "Notification Method" field in the Customer Support Report filtering options now allows Multiple selection



13 - The "Sequence No" field in the Service Ticket Status Definitions is displayed in List Section(Same screen.)



14 - The Customer Support Record screen has been opened multiple times.



Import Management


1-A button has been added to open the relevant import file on the Stock Nationalization screen





1- "Technical Support" section has been added to show customer support records in Project and Sales tracking report.



2- Added the ability to add, edit and delete the control panel for the CRM file system.



3- The "project and sales code" field has been added to the Customer Profitability Report filtering options.



4-Custom field can be defined in the Activity Record



5- Has been provided to risky customer control in the activity record.



6- It is possible to filter within the calendar with the priority indicated on the activtiy record screen



7- It is now provived to give alert when deleting Campaign Definitions if there is a transaction connected to it



8- Sms and Mail sending features have been added to customer and product general relation report



9- Added "Approvers" field for activity records that must be approved by users on the Activity Record screen



10- Project and Sales Tracking Report by clicking on the fields were provided to be sorted.



11 - "Alarm Active" option is automatically removed in completed activity records.



12 - The "Explanation" field is added to the Survey Entry screen where the comment can be written according to the answer of the person.



13-The activity report provides the display of the activity related project.



14- It is allowed to select client's authorized person



15- The fields "Offer Validity Period", "Offer Confirmation Date" and "Offer Delivery Time" fields have been added in the project and sales tracking report.



16- The list can not be deleted without deleting the content in the client list definitions



17- The "General Search" field has been added to the filtering options in the "Customer relation management, Client cards" tab.



18- Has been added to filtration offer status according the offer field in the client relation management screen



19-Project and Sales Tracking definitions can be added to the file.



20 - Description field has been updated to 3000 characters limit at the Activity Record screen



21- The "Open Card" button was added to the campaign, project and sales tracking and customer support areas In the activity record screen.



22- After sending Mail and Sms, activity record creation is linked to option.



Other Updates


1- In Excel, the fields "Use Due", "Due Month" and "Due Day" were added to the client definition transfer.



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