CODE: A2850

WOLVOX ERP 8.08.01

Version Update


Version : 8.08.01




Finance Management



1- Client collection/previous client balance is added to payment voucher



2- The receipt can be printed when the cheque/ voucher partial collection is made.



3- Automatic selection of foreign currency definitions is provided.



4- The transfer button in the client collection/payment operations screen has been changed in place (to avoid the troubles that may occur on the touch screen).



5- Filtering feature is added according to the users who saved and changed in the operation type report.




Stock Management



1- In the mass warehouse transfer section, it is possible to display the information of the corridor no, shelf no and location no on the screen and transfer bill output of the products.



2- Displaying of supplier' stock codes is provided in the stock order list.



3- Bulk update of default suppliers is provided in the stock definition.



4- It is possible to read of serial numbered product in the mass warehouse transfer.



5- In the quick stock identification process, the quantity field is linked to the option to auto-populate.




Purchase / Sales Management




1- Gruoping feature is added according to main stock code to custom invoice report.



2- Invoice explanation field is added to the invoice VAT analysis.



3- User options and all are added to filtering option of use e-invoice in the invoice VAT analysis.



4- Filtering option is added according to import file in the invoice report.



5- When the consigned stocks were entered as a consignee and the stocks returned were taken back, the barcodes were read on the screen and the products used are easily billed.




6- The field is added to add forex rates which is in the transaction field to order, offer, delivery fields.



7- It is possible to select definition as default in the order status. It is possible the definition which choosed in general settings comes automatically in order record.



8- To prevent unauthorized users from making offers or purchases on the purchase requisition list, user authorization was regulated for 'purchase transaction'.



9- Shipment address field is added to delivery detail section of order delivery report.



10- The ability to define formulas on the move basis in invoice, shipment, offer and order entry has been added.




Production Management



1- Options of sign all/remove selection is added to raw material selection screen which is in the route (operation) field of Mrp II recipe definitions.



2- Transfering by Excel is added to screen of production recipe (normal).



3- Search feature with stock code is added to screen of 'Production Planning from Order(Normal)' in production section.



4- Filtering options is added according to result of quality control measuring report.



5- Formula definition is provided to definitions of Mrp II recipe.




Service Management



1- Status definitions of Service Management- Receipt Status Definition section can be display in desired order.



2- 'Add more then more than one service to the new row' button is added to service ticket.



3- Custom field definition is provided in the screen of servis maintenance contract.




Import Management


1- Serial/lot entry button is added to screen of stock nationalization.



2- Print feature is added to stock nationalization list.



3- Print feature is added to screen of import file.






1- The working year can be choose as min 2003 in transfer transaction.



2- In the company record screen, different warnings is provided for the company and the working year deletion operations.



3- The warning of 'can change the status of deleted records' in the user authorization area with control panel.



4- Report designs can be added to the database and selected on the client computer.



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