CODE: A2848

WOLVOX ERP 8.07.01

Version Update


Version : 8.07.01




Finance Management


1-Note informations in client definitions window, notes tab can be entered up to 1000 characters. 



2-A setting added to general settings for use FOREX option that used in client card. 



3-Arrangements made on overdue debt limit warnings on sales screen and detailed information is provided. 



4- Defined additional operation types can be viewed on installment payments.



5-Debt and credit can be viewed on the same screen in client transaction analysis monthly report. 



6- "Use E-Invoice" to added 'No' option at Account Info section while creating the client definitions



7-Next due date has been added to credit usage report.



8-Mass entry on client transaction names have been editted as mass client payment/collection. 



9-When a new client definition is added automatically, its group, sub group and middle group automatically saved as default depending on the setting.




Stock Management


1-Colors have been provided to be displayed according to the sequence number on sub stock creation screen.



2-Stock Barcode field has been added to Warehouse Inventory (Horizontal) report



3-Small letter usage has been provided on color definitions. 



4-Stock barcode field has been added to stock sufficiency report. 



5- Include/do not include transfer delivery notes option has been added.



6- Stock input / output transaction shortcut has been added to stock definitions.



7-When stock transferor entry is made, purchasing price has been provided to be transferred automatically. 



8 -By specifying date range on the Stock Sufficiency Report, it can be seen how long the stock will be available according to the sales made during the specified date range.



9- Stock Transaction Report On the integration part of the import Transaction appears as imports and the import files as the integration in the filtering area can be selected.



10- Salesman promotion amount has been added to stock definition report update info.



11- Stock name can be seen on stock definitions file field.



Purchasing / Sales Management 


1- Confirm date has been provided to add automatically for the situation of offer is approved. 



2- A feature to enter quantity manually for the quantity that will be loaded on Shipping Planning Screen. 



3- Shipment date and shipment company information has been provided to be add on invoice record. 



4- Additional Info 1 and 2 have been added to Order report



5- "Journal Voucher" display option is added to the transactions part when integrated with the General Accounting when the cost bill is saved.



6- Multiple selection has been added to Custom code field in Expense invoice report



7-In fields such as invoice, the selection button for the compatible brand models part that is in the stock search window filter-2 field has been added to select from the registered brand model. 



8- FOREX buying and selling rate has been added to transactional reports such as Invoice, Delivery, Order etc.



9- Custom Code field has been added to entrances of Mass Purchase / Sales.



10-"Transfer Additional Costs Automatically on Purchase Invoice" feature has been added to transfer automatically additional deductions to Purchase Invoice. 



11-Select all feature has been added to Mass Purchase / Sales delivery entrances. 




12-  Discount price has been added to transactional order report, order transactions field.



13- Multiple selection has been added to shipment planing operation, client adding field




Production Management



1- Custom fields that defined in Simple Production module, Production Plannin Normal window has been provided to scroll down. 



2- Other cost field has been added to simple production disassembly



3- Export to all transactions button has been added to Cost Type section in production



4- Include Extra cost on statistics option has been added



5- Staff Authorization option has been added to Machines Definitions




6- Orders can be transfered to simple production




Service management



1- Multiple windows for service ticket can be opened. ( Press and hold CTRL and click tickets from bill report)



2- In copy operation Service Tickets transactions can be transfered




Import Management



1- Find button has been added to Import file



2- Stock purchase price can be updated in stock nationalization process just like in purchase invoice



3- Import option has been added to stock transaction report in order to filter transactions with import operation






1- Active option has been added for braches



2- Import Client Authorities from Excel has been added.



3- In reports multiple selection custome fields can be multiple selected



4- Status field has been added to staff control report


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