CODE: A2847

WOLVOX ERP 8.06.01


        Version : 8.06.01



      Finance Management


1. It has been provided to filter ''Bank Balance List'' report by ''Transaction Date'' criterion.


2. It has been provided to display postdated and endorsed cheques on ''Risk Analysis'' section of ''Details'' tab on ''Client Card Analysis'' report.


3. It has been provided to identify supplementary cards issued under the ''Primary Credit Card'' on ''Bank Definitions''


4. It has been provided to display client code on upper section.


5. Country info has been added to Company Record Transactions in order to designate default value for country.


6. It has been provided to transfer files via Excel on ''Credit Transactions'' 


7. It has been provided to generate expense invoice via new transaction button on Client Definitions.


8. It has been provided to display trade names of the clients on Client Card Merger Transaction screen.


9. ''Document no'' box has been added on payment via bank to Credit Payment field.


10. ''Past Invoices'' button has been added to ''Expense Invoice'' field to view the past invoices.


11. ''Tolerance Days'' system has been added to control sales of overdue payments for client.


12. It has been provided to display sum of the periods in the act of taking periodic report and delaying amount in receivable aging report.


13. QR code setting has been added to display new client record automatically. (It is requied to make a selection on General settings>Client settings)


Stocks Management


1. Current inventory information column has been added on stock defitinitions list.


2. Purchasing VAT rate on rapid stock record screen has been provided to be based upon General settings>Purchase invoice>VAT rate constant.


3. Reserved qty and blocked amount have been added to inventory tab on stock definitions.


Purchase / Sales Management


1. Getting the total amount of the waybills has been provided when more than one waybills selected on invoicing delivery note tab.


2. Decimal value can be entered on quantity column at Serial/Lot transactions tab when adding stock with lot feature to the invoice.


3. It has been enabled to print ''payment due date'' and ''delivery time'' for each stock on the offer prinouts.


4. On Invoice, Delivery Note, Offer, etc. entrees  displayed for active stock inside the transactions tab,  'number of transactions to be displayed' increased to 50 on the ''Latest Sales/Purchase Info'' window (CTRL+A).


5. It has been enabled to print ''Term Date'' information (Invoice Term Date-Invoice Date difference) on invoice printout.


6. Enabled to keep cost price selected on the Profit/Loss and Stock inventory reports, in the memory.


7. Enabled to display client card via short cut key on expense invoice.


8. Enabled to add invoice group to the ''sorting fields'' on invoice custom report.


9. Enabled to open the invoice reside in delivery note on the delivery note tab.


10. The option to create invoice for each delivery note has been added on overall delivery note billing window.


11. Date of shipment has been added on the overall sales delivery notes.


12. Unit alteration feature has been added on the overall sales delivery notes.


13. It has been enabled to display ''quantity 1 total'' and ''marketing staff'' on Invoice Report (Transactional).


14. Encoloring has been added by the order status on the transfer delivery report.


15. Import code has been added to filtering options on Expense invoice report.


16. It has been enabled to draw all exchange rates on Invoice Design.


17. Enabled to make selection the delivery note type on Sales/Purchase transactions delivery note report.


18. Disabled to continue the operation without confirming the alert popup in case of scanning an unavailable stock barcode on delivery planning.



Production Management


1. It has been enabled to select recipe for the stocks which have more than one recipes when transferring the  order on domestic received order window to simple production section.


2. Enabled to adjust background and text colors on the recipe product diagram. You can adjust the color right clicking the related object on product diagram.


3. Enabled to make machine based shift selection. You can select more than one shifts for the machines.


4. Machine monitoring report has been added. You can monitor future operations of the machines through this report.


5. Number of records has been added on recipe section.


6. Combining more than one recipes, when emending in one of the recipes, it has been provided to update the main recipe. 

For example: You combine recipe A and recipe B and get recipe C. 
If you make a change on recipe A, that will make reflection on recipe C.


7. ''Find Stock'' button has been added on recipe.


8. An option button has been added to display product diagram open/close on recipe product diagram.


9. Enabled to select the machine on Online Work Center.


10. Unapproved quantity field has been added to ''enter quantity'' section on Online Work Center.


11. Grid customization has been activated on Online work center.


Service Management


1. Displaying the services filtered as default has been provided when adding service on Service Ticket transaction field.


2. Enabled to print total ''processing time'' on the transactions section within Service appointment list report.


3. A feature to make brand model definitions has been added on Service Ticket.


4. Enabled to display service product informations on client service definitions list.


Import Management


1. Stock code has  been added on Stock Nationalization List filtration.

2. ''Print'' option has been added on Stock Nationalization List and Import File List reports.


3. Enables payments and expense invoice transactions below transactions section on Import Files, to open related record by double-click.


E-Invoice / e-Archive


1. Authorization has been added to update e-invoice status for purchase returns on control panel .

2. Sending client last balance has been enabled on e-invoice submissions.




1. Customizations has been added on some data fields.

1.1- Right click to customize ''notes'' field inside invoice section.

1.2 You can change the background color, font type and color from related fields.


2. Fields such as stock name search window, have been enabled to be resized on invoice transactions tab.

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