CODE: A2832

WOLVOX ERP 8.03.01

Finance Management


1- Source and Target Tax No can be added on Client Virement design.


2- You can select Client or Principal Debtor for SMS source in the Cheque/Voucher Transactions.


3- When you invoice a Delivery, in the Client Transaction Report Operation Type of that transaction will be shown as Invoice instead of Delivery.

4- ID number has been added to the General Search on Client Definitions List


5- Purchasing and Sales Management Reports have been added to Reports on the Client Definitions


6- Keyword can be added for your clients. You can easily filter with keywords you define.



Stock Management


1- Service definitions can be transferred via Excel.


2- You can add the main Stock Code to the Sub-stocks' stock code. Stock Code box must be checked before creating Sub-Stocks.


3- You can select Client on Stock Transaction Analysis (Monthly).


4-"Record Date" filter has been added to the Stock Definition List.


5- "Inventory Amount Inc VAT" has been added to the Stock Inventory.


6- "Products Creating This Stock" section has been added to Stock Definition.(From Shipping Planning you can choose stock and products creating that stock)


7- "Add FOREX to Statistics" option has been added to Stock Transaction Analysis (Monthly).


8- "Operation Type" has been added to Import Data From Excel section on Mass Stock Transaction. You can specify if the transaction is input or output.


9- "Main Stock Code" has been added to Label Design in Stock Definition Serial Label.



Purchasing/Sales Management


1- "Options-2" section has been added to Order Accounting screen in Order Delivery Report.


2- "Delivery Address" has been added to Order Report.


3- You can filter according to Salesperson in Order Report.



4- "Domestic" and "Overseas" options have been added to Purchase Request List.


5- You can see Close Invoice Amount and Close Invoice Status in Invoice Report.


6- "Currency Active Balance" field has been added to Invoice print design.


7- "Stock Based Delivery Report" has been added.


8- Changing Accounted Documents authorization has been added.


9- "Delivery Serial" field has been added to Mass Purschase Delivery.


10- You can select Delivery Address in Offer.


11- "Invoice Stock/Operation Type Report" has been added.


12- You can select Purchase Price for stocks in Sales Prices List Definition. You can define the sales price by adding the profit rate to the purchase price.


13- Filter options and Custom Field Definitions have been added to Packing List.


14- You can send mail and SMS automatically from Mail/SMS Templates for Shipping Planing when transaction status turns finished from pending.



Service Management


1- "Address Description" has been added to Bill Report.


2- You can send mail and SMS automatically from Mail/SMS Templates when the device is provided with a service entry in service ticket record.






1- You can copy every field in every reports with CTRL+C key combination.


2- Improvements have been made regarding window management.

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